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Volunteer opportunities and internships are available now in all our programs. Please call for information 206-579-5848.

Volunteer Orientation
Please call for dates and times 206-579-5848.

Membership Assistant

Flexible hours, gain valuable job experience in a fun environment

·   Create E-News using Constant Contact or other format
·   Update E-News as needed
·   Create membership questionnaire(s)
·   Send member Evites to member events
·   Assist with members quarterly meetings

·   Comfortable with internet
·   Detail oriented
·   good typist
·   Visual person

R U An Endangered Species?™ CAMPAIGN ASSISTANT
Flexible hours

·   Conduct Surveys
·   Organize materials for workshops
·   Research and collect new information
·   Compile information for easy access
·   Investigate topics connected to health, the natural world,
    race, gender, sexual identity, domestic violence, prisons,
    environmental impacts, toxins, civil rights, immigration, population,
    land management and endangered species.
·   Brainstorm and investigate fun ways to present

·   Concerned and passionate about global and local issues
·   Alert about connecting issues
·   Interested in community outreach and organizing
·   Background or interest in social justice

Service Learning Volunteers are invited to stay involved with the program and, if interested, work with UWP staff to develop an Internship that suits the SLV's educational and professional goals.

Flexible hours

Development Assistant (1)
·   Identify suitable grants for 4 program areas and special programs
·   Create, update and maintain grant calendar
·   Create grant binder
·   Organize binder
·   Generate Letters of Inquiry
·   Support budget development for grants
·   Assist with item procurement for fundraiser (Village Fare)

Communications Assistant (1 of 2)
·   Identify Free Community Listings
·   Create a perpetual calendar for listing deadlines
·   Write press releases ( Media alerts, develop press packets)
·   Email or Snail Mail/ Deliver Press releases before deadlines

Communications Assistant (2 of 2)
·   Create E-News using Constant Contact or other format
·   Update E-News
·   Update calendar/brochure annually
·   Coordinate distribution of calendar/brochure
·   Create and maintain list-serve

Program Outreach Assistant (1)
·   Assist in implementing programs
·   Brainstorm program development ideas with Director
·   Assist with outreach and promotions including flyers, handbills, posters
·   Generate Evites

Contact Us
Jourdan I. Keith, Founder & Director
206-579-5848 Cell

P.O. Box 18874
Seattle, WA 98118

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