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Urban Wilderness WORKS to restore our communities, cultural and environment by creating access to service-learning projects rooted in social change. Participants earn service-learning hours through the Wilderness Works and Griot Works programs.

Urban Wilderness PROJECT™ develops curriculum and workshops for a changing society. By combining experiential-learning with the arts, participants move through the intersection of environmental health, social justice, culture and the natural world.

To empower and mobilize individuals in their communities to remove the psychological, social, racial, gender, disabilities, and sexual orientation barriers associated with current land and water use attitudes, practices and policies. To provide programs and trainings which reveal acknowledge and address the global, historical and persistent traumas associated with environmentalism as defined by dominant culture.

We believe the current system of stewardship of both the natural and urban environments is fundamentally flawed because it is built upon, strengthened by and supported by systems of oppression that continue to disempower marginalized communities.

We believe that unearthing the root of environmental degradation is a pre-requisite to all restoration work.

We believe that the root cause of the current local, national and global environmental crisis is entwined with race, gender and economic oppression.

We believe that the local, national and global systems of race, gender and economic oppression are the seeds of ableism, ageism, discrimination towards gay, lesbian and transgender people, property rights, and human rights violations.

We believe that loss of habitat and therefore culture requires that effected humans be recognized as threatened and endangered species.

We believe that the proofs of the disproportionately negative impacts of environmental degradation require that humans be recognized as threatened and endangered species.

We believe we must be informed and active community members who create tools for dismantling systematic oppressions and tools for building inclusive and cooperative systems.

We believe that grassroots multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-generational and multi-gendered local, national, and global bodies must be trained and prepared to address global warming, land, air and water toxin issues.

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